Affordable • Relaxed • Personalized 

with Maria Arapakis

(All Things) Apple Training & Support in Denver

A different kind of help with iPhones, Macs, iPads, Apple TV, Apple Watches! 

​​​With 30+ years experience as a power user of All Things Apple, psychologist, trainer, speaker, and author, Maria Arapakis has trained thousands of men and women around the world. Her current retirement work is focused on helping those who want to feel more comfortable with their iPhones, Macs, and iPads as they expand what they’re able do with them. She works with clients in person, in small classes at her home in Cherry Creek, and, when needed, “remotely” by phone and screen-sharing.


Maria works with beginner, mid-level, and recently-converted-to-Mac users. She is especially good at working with anyone who feels at times (all the time?) a bit (a lot?) overwhelmed by today’s rapidly changing technologies. 

Now in her 7th year as an Apple Mentor, she has become dear friends with many of her 200+ beloved clients. 

Psychologist, Trainer, Speaker
Author, and now Apple Mentor!

From 1970 until 2010, as a psychologist, Maria was a consultant, speaker, trainer, and author for people in management and sales. She guided women and men in managing their minds, emotions, careers, and relationships. She gave programs and workshops in all 50 states, throughout the UK, Australia, Malaysia, Indonesia, and Hong Kong.

For 15 years, Maria published a newsletter read by thousands of women. And in 1990 she wrote a book published by Time-Warner on the timeless, universal issue of "boundaries": SoftPower! How to Speak Up, Set Limits, and Say No without Losing Your Lover, Your Job, or Your Friends. 

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