​​The Basics: The Finder, System Preferences, Program Preferences, other fundamentals

Organizing: Tidy up your "Mac-Mess"

iCloud: Understand "Cloud Computing," basic iCloud, iCloud Drive, iCloud Photo Library … and get it all to sync!

Safari: Navigate the Internet, use Bookmarks, Reading List, Reader View, Tabs, Tabs in the Cloud, and more

Mail: Manage daily emails, junk mail, send to groups, create "Rules" and "Signatures," and more

Calendar: Replace your paper appointment book (it's time!), create, edit, delete events (and repeat events), create different Calendars for different categories of events

Contacts:Keep track of names, addresses, phone numbers, emails, birthdays, create groups, use FaceTime, and more

Photos: Manage and safeguard your photos, share them with others, produce albums, slideshows, photo books, photo cards, and more

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learn any of the following!

On your iMac or Mac laptop

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iTunes: Enjoy and organize iTunes Playlists of favorite music, podcasts, radio stations, apps, movies, audiobooks, (free) iTunes U classes, and more

Maps: Get directions for driving, walking and public transport, check traffic, send info to your iPhone

App Store: Shop for and buy new apps, download ones you've already bought, update apps as needed

Pages: Use Apple's word processing program to create letters, flyers, newsletters, and more 

Numbers: Use Apple's spreadsheet program to create budgets, lists, and all kinds of helpful spreadsheets

Notes or Evernote: Organize projects, to-do lists, your life!

Find My iPhone: Locate, lock, send sound and message to a misplaced iPhone, iPad, or Mac laptop

Traveling with Mac Laptop: While away from home, get online, watch movies, read books, work, stay in touch with Skype and FaceTime