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Below are comments from Maria’s clients and audiences who have heard, read, or worked with during her three-decade career as a psychologist, speaker, consultant, and trainer. They speak to the impact she has had on literally thousands of people around the world. Yes, there are scads of them but if you're at all interested in knowing more about Maria's work before she started helping folks with Apple technology, scan them and read any that catch your eye!

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"My work with you is changing my future. Remarkable! I felt like a sponge trying to draw up and not miss any valuable information coming to me. I felt new motivation stirring within. I know I will use my new communication tools. You gave me the key to unlock my own resources and the power I hold within."
Peggy Larson, R.N., Brea Community Hospital

"How terrific!! Maria is warm, inspiring, yet practical. A real model of the very tools and insights she shares. I particularly enjoy her personal story-telling and enjoy hearing anecdotes and illustrations from her life."
Louisa Rogers, Owner, Taking Off

"Maria, you are dynamic and so very knowledgeable about the problems women face both at work and at home. You are not only empathic but have such great techniques (solutions) for dealing with problems. This was the best thing I have done for myself in a long time. I so appreciate the opportunity."
Ann Scholl, Supervisory Contract Specialist, Bonneville Power Administration

"Wonderful sense of humor and connection with others, especially in relating personal experiences. Would love to see you come to my office and coach us on how to be a winning team!"
Joan Kung, Systems Engineer, Bank of America, Large Scale Systems

"Maria Arapakis is the most sincere and skilled trainer I have ever had the privilege to work with. I learned not only how to be more powerful and self-assured, but that it was okay to make mistakes ... to not to be so hard on myself."
Nancy Palajac, Marketing Coordinator, Balboa Life & Casualty

"What you’ve shared in a few hours took me three years of seeing a shrink to learn.”
Barbara Lange, Asst. Transportation Engineer, Cal Trans

"This is my second workshop with Maria and I specifically came because of her. She is WONDERFUL! One year ago, it was her impact on my life that helped me become so much more dynamic and successful. She has truly helped me change my life! Her sincerity, compassion, and wisdom are quite simply fantastic. I could listen to her words daily. Thank you for coming into my life."
Janet Chase, Executive Assistant, Hood Communications

"Thank you for your tremendous support, Maria. It was as if, after a rough day, my closest friend was with me over a glass of wine. The work you’ve assisted me in doing has literally transformed my life!"
Sandra Young

“Maria’s work would be perfect for nurses. We're always talking about being professionals yet many of us don't act that way. We are roughest on each other. I think your ideas approaches would go a long way in dealing with patients, doctors, and most of all with each other. Lots of brand new ways of looking at things."
Nancy Cakozza, R.N., Ed, Kaiser Oakland

"My only regret is I wish I could have learned all this 40 years ago – but late as it is, I'll make it work for me. Thank you so much."
H. Corey, Supervisor Data Processing, Mare Island Naval Shipyard

"I loved the concept of SoftPower. It helped me see that in becoming a workaholic and adopting 'super endurance,' I lost my intuitive reflective self-nurturing skills. What a revelation! I've long felt this loss but couldn't identify it."
Robin Heil, Associate Controller, Pomona College

“You have such a warm and friendly manner, you’re like a dear friend with great intentions. I received a wealth of reasonable, down-to-earth guidance and found my own answers and wisdom as well! You made me feel so relaxed. Plus you're really funny and if we can't laugh at ourselves, we’re in trouble! It was great to find you such a 'regular' person but someone who has achieved so much and presents herself with such self-respect and style. Bravo!"

Edith Snow, Administrative Specialist, Hewlett Packard

"Our time together has been pure gold. I am raring to try all my newly-learned skills and be the best I can be. Approaching age 50 next year, I think this has helped me finally ‘grow up.’” 
Judith Pember, Property Manager, Stiffler Properties, Inc.

"Maria is so practical, upbeat, and positive. And she spices everything so well with humor."
Carol Brune, Programmer Analyst, Blue Cross & Blue Shield

"Your guidance and inspiration are great. I'm usually skeptical of 'positive thinking' and ‘assertiveness’ because they are often not balanced or realistic. But you stress that 1) you can change only yourself and 2) a decision to 'let go' can be incredibly self-serving. Maria, you are charismatic but down-to-earth and give so much. You got across to me more than anyone ever has with sincere caring and good sound ideas – not pop, hip double-talk."
C. Kroko, Engineer

"Maria has a wonderful combination of knowledge, oratory skills, and humor that captivated participants from start to finish."
Nancy Jackson, Purchasing Manager, Luxfor USA Limited

“What a great way to grow! I enjoyed myself thoroughly, laughed a lot, and took a close look at my life. I have found a way to choose inner peace and serenity in the midst of life’s chaos. Today I felt so calm and relaxed. Hooray!"
Gail Yvonne Needham, Dental Hygienist, J.W. Quigley, D.D.S.

"You are inspiring and your energy is both powerful and warm; a fresh wind that feels like the spirit of Christ without any ‘god talk.’ I felt permission for the rest of my journey—and now know it’s okay to be struggling and not always perfect. Thank you from the bottom of my heart."

Katherine Grain, Insurance Agent, Rhodes-Warden Insurance

"Working with Maria is a must for every woman. I even found help dealing with my teenagers. Wish I knew all this 20 years ago before they were born. I can't tell you how helpful this has been. Much, much information crammed into a few hours. Thank you, Maria. Thank you!!"
Carol M. Kaye, Administrative Secretary, Faith For Today ( Religious TV program producers) 

"You are truly in the right position and probably never realize all the good you do for all of us and how you impact lives in such a positive way. You made the right decision with your work, not only for you but for us!”
Janet Fauth, Manager, Pacific Bell

"I truly admire your approach and way of delivering information. You mix seriousness with humor very well. I didn't want to miss a single word! GREEAAT!! "
Chris Rhodes, Director, Institute of Developmental Technology

"You, as a woman, epitomize my ideal of a strong, wise, caring person. Your appearance, your presentation, your sense of humor!! You are an inspiration badly needed. There are no accidents. I was supposed to be taught by you. Thank you."
Barbara Balseire, R.N.,  Oregon State Hospital

"Maria is a beautiful example—role model and teacher—of what women today (and I!) need more exposure to in life — a powerful, successful, nurturing woman."
Jeannette Jacobson, Consultant, Washington Department of Labor and Industries

"Maria is a delightful, spirited, knowledgeable trainer. She always seems to be speaking directly to me and where I am right now."
Geri Winsell, Sr. Programmer/Analyst, Blue Cross Blue Shield

"This is the second time I've attended one of your programs. And you and the program have helped me grow and develop as much the second time as the first! I really believe I am a happier, more competent person both professionally and personally because of my time with you! THANK YOU!!”

Jennifer Taylor, Student Affairs Officer, UC Irvine

"I have gained more valuable tools in communication and self-projection in my work with you than I have during the entire length of my career."
Tamara Austing, R.N., Ashland Community Hospital

"You are vivacious, eloquent, and a pleasure to work with. Many truths told! It has made me recognize that that help is always in reach."
Nicole Foster, Operations Manager, Wollborg-Michelson, Personnel Service, Inc.

"What you share is priceless! I know now that the chances for daily life changes are countless. You are so comfortable with what you do and how you do it. Outstanding!”
Dinnell Elliott, Public Safety Officer, Clackamas Community College

"Dear Maria, I enjoyed your direct approach so much. You radiate a confidence that I yearn to achieve. The idea of balancing my effectiveness and being beautifully strong is just that – BEAUTIFUL!”
Blanche D. Sullivan, Front end Supervisor, Costco Wholesale

"You model what you teach very powerfully. I love your clarity, organization, and vulnerability! I'm impressed by the possibility you represent for me and others. I'm especially glad you support women in being compassionate with men. Your message is much needed."
Gloria Sherman, President, Gloria Sherman Consultants

"I have been to approximately a dozen programs over the past 10 year and I can honestly say that Maria Arapakis is the most interesting, fact-filled, humorous, believable trainer I have heard in years. She has tripped my 'thinking switch.'"
Kelly Harris, Sales Asst., Balboa Life and Casualty

"You are terrific! Right on the mark. What an exciting away to grow and change!"

Shirley Turturro, Quality Assurance Manager, Product Technology Inc.

"Thank you Maria for your candid, warm, and honest reflections. It's a joy to see the blending of East/West thinking presented in such practical terms and with beautifully expressed ideas."

Lois Rosenfelt, Branch Manager. United Temporary Services

"I am so very impressed with Maria’s superb knowledge and reassuring, sincere demeanor. It is clear she is not only a great speaker, she uses all she shares in her own life. For me, she is an excellent 'mentor' and long after our time together is over, I will always remember what I’ve learned."
Shirley Wilson, Deputy Clerk III, Los Angeles Municipal Court

"I've felt stuck for a long time and feel now I can change my life ... and accept what I can't change."
Bea Bastien, Corpsmember Development Coordinator, Conservation Corps

"Maria, you project a believable energy to emulate. Your confidence appears to have been gained by doing what you love to do and are so good at. I too have the freedom to pursue this now more ever. And this can be a better world because of it!"
Rey Keogh, Group Sales Rep, Safeco Insurance  

"I hope you know in your heart the deep value of your aura and your unique ability to reach out and touch so many in an almost one-to-one way. You are excellent at your life's work."
Linda K. Allen, Owner, Empowerment Through Transitions

"As a teacher, Maria has a beautiful rapport with everyone. I know I for one need more positive interactions like these. She has such a dynamic 'people-oriented' personality, it’s contagious. I now realize I have been placing limitations on myself."
Margaret Jackson, Technical Writer, Sonwa Bank