• Entertainment the Apple way
  • Education the Apple way
  • Adding, deleting, organizing apps
  • Using Siri to instantly find programs by name, season, and episode
  • Using AppleTV to view and share your Photos on your HD TV
  • Using AppleTV to play iTunes Playlists or display your Mac's screen on your HD TV
  • Watch Netflix, HBOGO/HBONOW, ShowtimeAnytime, PBS, iTunes University (and lots more) using AppleTV with your HD TV 

As Maria is fond of saying:
​"There is no excuse for ever being bored or boring again!"


(All Things) Apple Training & Support in Denver

A different kind of help with iPhones, Macs, iPads, Apple TV, Apple Watches! 

enjoy … 

with Maria Arapakis

With your AppleTV

& Apple Pencil

With an iPad Pro

Affordable • Relaxed • Personalized 

Express your Inner Artist with an awesome app: Procreate.

It only costs a one-time $5.99 and gives you a well-stocked artist's studio at your fingertips, around the clock, wherever you are, with as many pens, pencils, brushes, tools, canvases, color palettes as your heart desires.  

And 😜 no cleanups!
​Try it … you'll love it!
As, you can tell, I do!