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(All Things) Apple Training & Support in Denver

A different kind of help with iPhones, Macs, iPads, Apple TV, Apple Watches! 

What Maria's clients say about Maria and her work with them …

Maria not only knows the Mac and every other thing that Apple makes inside and out, she is a master of organization and saving time. She showed me tips, shortcuts, and program settings that help me do my work (and live my life) better and faster. Even though I’ve been working with Macs for years, I always have many OMG moments in our sessions!                  
Jeff Salzman, Founder CareerTrack Seminars and Daily Integral … enjoyed help from Maria since 1990's! 

Finding Maria to help me as I transitioned from a PC to a Mac was a godsend. She made it easy and fun through her extensive knowledge of all Apple products - not to mention her easy-going teaching style. She has made it possible for me to say I’m truly at home with this technology and loving it! She continues to be an outstanding Mac-mentor, on call as needed but Maria taught me to fly solo and I couldn’t have done it without her.​

Liane Clasen, client for 6 years

Eureka - that's my expression for having found Maria. Over the years that she has supported me I have consistently found her to be knowledgeable, patient, dependable, flexible, timely and dedicated. She gives the highest level of care in supporting me with all my Mac, iPad, and iPhone challenges. My life is so much easier having found her! 

Susan Jennings, client for 2 1/2 years
Maria has been my family's Apple-Mentor for over four years. We love that she's not a young kid who speaks in techno-jargon. She understands our needs, sometimes more than we do! She helps us get the equipment we need, set it all up, and work with it to maximize its usefulness. Sometimes she comes to our home; sometimes we go to hers for sessions or classes. She also appreciates that we're often overwhelmed by technology, and goes at whatever pace works for us. And she changed my life when she taught me what Siri can do for me. Yes, you too can have a personal assistant at the touch of a button … Maria! 
Phyllis Hanfling, client for almost 5 years 

To any prospective client:
As an octogenarian, I’m not as mentally nimble as I once was but, Maria, is as patient a teacher as you'll ever find. She shepherded me through four years of learning the in’s and out’s of my new Apple (I was a former PC user). 

After an initial ‘in-house’ visit, having lapses in my learning curve, and believe me I had many, she easily resolved them off-sight with her application of the App ‘Team Viewer.’ 
And she’d answer her phone, even on weekends (if she wasn’t at Costco or having lunch with friends) to help solve a problem. 

Once or twice during my relationship with her, she has called a software provider to resolve an issue out of her hands. As privy to the conference call on those occasions, there was no doubt as to who was in command … Maria.

As a testimony to her effectiveness, she has taught me so well that I rarely need her help anymore. But still, I have her on speed dial for when I do.
Max P Grassfield

I was so excited to make the switch from my Windows laptop to my new Apple Macbook Pro. But there certainly were some frustrating moments as I tried to navigate my way around the programs … until I hired Maria. She made learning about my wonderful new Mac fun and taught me so much during each session. Maria is a fabulous teacher. She's organized, easy to follow, fast paced (or slow, if that’s what you need) and fun! She seems to know intuitively just how to approach training me and it's made me a very happy client. I highly recommend Maria to anyone new to Apple or wanting to dig deeper into all the great uses their products have to offer.
Ann Norton, Norton Training, Inc.

If it's true that opposites attract, we are a perfect pair, Maria. You as a superior technology teacher, me as a technologically challenged student. Thank you for pushing me to believe that I CAN do this!
Barbara Mendicino

Maria really knows her Macs, iPhones, and iPads, and she is able to explain what she knows so that anyone can understand. I appreciate the variety of what she offers to people at all levels of knowledge and skills. I've taken one-on-one training as well as group classes, and have come away with useful knowledge every time. Her Mac "Shortcut Sheet" that she graciously gives to you after you have taken a class with her, really speeds up getting to many of the functions I use all the time. And whenever my Mac acts up, I'm grateful for her technical expertise! I would definitely recommend her to everyone.
Jeanne Tucker
I initially met Maria by taking one of her group classes. I so enjoyed her teaching style that I decided to sign up for a series of individual sessions. Maria's enthusiasm and encouragement helped me to overcome my tech anxieties. She helped me with a variety of projects, teaching me many tricks of the trade, but more importantly helping me try things out to gain confidence in my own skills. My time with Maria was always both productive and fun!  
Carole Foss