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Maria in the 1990s with two of the many, many Macs she's had over 30 years.


  • Mac, iPad, or iPhone training and support in a calm, comfortable, conducive-to-learning environment (i.e. not the chaos of an Apple store!)

  • Help with questions, problems, and your “Wish List”: what you'd love to be able to do with your Mac, iPad, iPhone, and/or AppleTV

  • Someone to assist with Apple purchases, get you started with your new toys, train you according to your pace and your priorities, and help you out whenever challenges arise


  • Help … if you switched (or plan to switch) from PC to Mac … and want to learn the new terrain and make the most of all your Mac offers 

  • As-you-need-it “remote” support by phone and screen-sharing with Mac, iPhone, or iPad urgent issues




​​Some of Maria's Apple screens nowadays: iMac, MacBook Pro, ​iPad Pro, iPhone, with MacBook Pro's screen projected using AppleTV to a large-screen Sony OLED TV.

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Maria with her first adorable Mac in 1984

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